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Organic CBD Oil 500mg – 100% Premium and Best Natural CBD Oil

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Organic CBD oil 500mg has quickly become a market fad for its potential therapeutic uses. Organic CBD oil has been shown to have potential uses for treating pain and certain mental conditions such as anxiety and depression.

CBD has captured the hearts and minds of consumers for its amazing benefits and ease of use.

What are the main ingredients in CBD oil?

CBD is a molecule that is derived from the leaves of the marijuana plant. CBD is just one of the hundreds of cannabinoids in marijuana, THC being another one. Generally, CBD oil is made from hemp, a variant of marijuana that contains less than 0.3% THC by volume.

What is full spectrum in CBD oil?

CBD oils come in three major kinds: full-spectrum blends contain a wide profile of cannabinoids including CBD, THC, CBN, CBG, and more. Full-spectrum blends also contain terpenes and other molecules. Broad-spectrum blends also contain a diverse profile of cannabinoids but exclude THC. Isolates, in contrast, have the other cannabinoids removed so they only contain CBD.

CBD bottles are generally measured by the quantity of CBD that they contain, not necessarily the volume of the bottle. For example, a 500 mg bottle contains 500mg of CBD but the volume of the solution might vary depending on the concentration of the bottle. You can determine concentration by dividing the amount of CBD by the total volume of the solution. So for example, if the bottle contains 500 mg of CBD and is 50 mL in volume, then the concentration of the blend would be 10 mg per mL. 

Organic CBD Oil 500mg

In general, 500mg and 1000mg are the most common size for CBD products. Some companies might offer bottles with 250mg or more than 1000mg but these are the minority. If you have never tanked CBD before, it is recommended to start with a 500mg bottle of organic CBD and then work your way up to high potencies. Ideally, you should start at just a few mg per serving at the beginning and slowly build your way up. Start with 1-2 mg per serving and work your way up to 5 mg per serving.

How much does pure CBD cost?

As you might expect, a 500 mg bottle costs less than a 1000 mg bottle all other things being equal. But you can often buy in bulk and get a cheaper unit price. For example, a 500mg bottle might cost $1 per 10 mg but a 1000 mg bottle might cost just $0.90 per 10 mg.

No matter what size you get, organic CBD Oil 500mg or 1000mg, you can measure out doses exactly when you know the volume of the bottle. From there you can calculate a dosage based on your body weight and figure out how many drops a single dose would be.


At Organic CBDs, we pride ourselves on our high-quality CBD oil products. All of our CBD products are made using locally sourced, organic materials and are manufactured in clean facilities that follow national standards. Feel free to check out our products and make the steps to take back your health!

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