Our Farm

Organic CBDs creates the most organic, safe, and potent CBD oil on our exclusively organic Minnesota farm. Since this farm is completely free of pesticides, fertilizers, and other harmful toxins, you can rest easy knowing that Organic CBDs supplements are health-promoting and natural, never filled with contaminates that hurt our bodies. Take back your health by incorporating our completely organic CBD oil into your daily routine.

The Land

Refresh your body with organic CBD oil grown and produced exclusively on an organic farm in Minnesota.

All Organic CBDs’ products are crafted on our farm located in Minnetrista, Minnesota. Since 1984, Margaret Davis has owned the property of the land. This entire time, Margaret Davis has never used fertilizers or pesticides, making our farm truly organic and chemical-free. Since our soil has never seen harmful toxins, the hemp plants grow to produce only the safest and most potent CBD for extraction and bottling, which are also done on our farm.

Our Minnesota farm includes a state-of-the-art CBD oil production facility that we use to dry, press, extract, and bottle our CBD oil. By locating our production facility on our farm, Organic CBDs oversees every step of CBD oil production and minimizes the chance of contamination. As a result, our final products are completely safe and potent, allowing you to enhance your body’s natural processes with only the most potent, completely organic CBD oil available.

Farm-To-Bottle Policy

Organic CBDs carefully created our farm and facility to allow a farm-to-bottle approach to CBD oil. Just as farm-to-table foods are tastier, healthier, and overall better-quality produce, so too is our CBD oil. Our farm-to-bottle approach allows our CBD oil to be both potent and safe, creating a product that you love and trust.

Unlike other CBD suppliers that send their products overseas for production, Organic CBDs critically cares for our CBD oil throughout the entire process. From the earliest phase of hemp planting to the final step of bottling, we apply a farm-to-bottle policy, meaning that our CBD oil never leaves our facility and remains under our constant care.

Because of our farm-to-bottle approach, you can rest easy knowing that the CBD oil you put into your body is never contaminated and always maximally potent. Rejuvenate your body and take back your health the best way possible by only selecting farm-to-bottle CBD oil.